Gillette Physical Therapy started out as the dream of two talented therapists. Alongside Ken Clouston, Randy Hite was pivotal in turning their ideas into a reality. Through the hiring of an accomplished staff and the output of incomparable services, GPT has achieved the vision that was once only in the minds of Hite and Clouston; their dream became a legacy. Randy finds it important to not focus on the past, but rather be constantly moving toward the future; an idea that is reflected in the way he is constantly striving for perfection, as he tries to improve himself and the clinic as a whole.

Hite feels that a strong, evidence based foundation of knowledge combined with experience is key to both successful rehabilitation and successful performance training.

Randy Hite was once on the path to become a broadcaster. Ironically, it was the tearing of his ACL and the wonderful PT that worked with him that opened his eyes to the world of physical therapy. Now, he is a Wyoming state licensed Physical Therapist, ABPTS Board Certified Sport Specialist, and NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  After completion of his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from the University of Wyoming, Randy went on to graduate with a Masters of Physical Therapy from the University of North Dakota. He has 20+ years of clinical experience in orthopedics and sports medicine and has helped thousands of athletes return to the sports they love and enjoy. Of 217,000 PT’s in the world, only .8% have achieved the SCS distinction. Randy boasts 14 years’ experience as a board Certified Clinical Specialist in Sports Physical Therapy. This further enhances his treatment for athletes and demonstrates his strong passion for excellence in sports medicine.

Randy demonstrates success for many reasons; however, his ability to listen, motivate, and focus his drive for perfection into helping clients pushes him above and beyond the typical standard. Hite loves his job for the opportunity it grants him to build relationships with clients and impact their lives, all while conquering the challenge of getting them back to full capabilities.

When Randy Hite is not busy at the clinic, he can be found dedicating much of his time to the community. Providing outreach sports medicine services and participating in numerous fundraisers are just some of the many ways Hite remains involved. Outside of work and community service, Randy enjoys being on the lake doing lake sports, snowboarding, kiteboarding, traveling (Steamboat is a personal favorite), and above all else, spending quality time with his beautiful fiancee and 11-year-old son.

Education: University of Wyoming; Undergraduate degree in Exercise Science, University of North Dakota; Masters of Physical Therapy

Certification: BPTS Board Certified Sport Specialist, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Sport Certified Specialist

Memberships: American Physical Therapy Association, the Sports Physical Therapy Section, the National Strength and Conditioning Association