We truly love our family of patients.
Check out what our fans have to say about the GPT difference.

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My family and I have been patients at Gillette Physical Therapy for different issues since 2012. Everyone is professional and friendly from the moment you walk in the door. I felt at ease and knew my recovery was as important to them as it was for me. This last surgery kept me in therapy for 10 months and I can’t imagine having gone through that with any other team. Thank you for all you do for your patients and our community.
— Sara Beth Keeler
The staff there is knowledgeable, continues to learn more and on the cutting edge of physical therapy. I can not express enough appreciation for the injuries they have gotten me through and I’m better than I was before it happened. Caring staff with fantastic personalities! I swear they have the best people right there under one roof. The encouragement that they provide afterwards shows how much they truly love what they do and care about their clients. They are so valuable to the community! Thanks for being the BEST!
— Rose Witt
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I have been seeing the therapists at GPT for many years. I will always use them for my therapy needs. I am always treated with respect and personal care. I have chronic illnesses that send me to therapy often. They use my limited visits very carefully, and have always resolved my pain satisfactorily.
— Lori Kinner Boeding
The staff here are fabulous. Why else would you wanna go someplace to do stuff that’s gonna hurt and pay for it? Wonderful facility.
— Lori Longfellow Thompson
I had great success seeing Dan for hand therapy I am back to work and would not be if not for the great service they all provide there thanks everyone
— Janine Beach
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What a great place! Did wonders for me with neck, back and shoulder. We are so fortunate to have such dedicated and knowledgeable PT’s here in Gillette. Relaxed environment but still professional. Thank You.
— Joe Aberle
When I am being treated by a member of the staff they are concentrating on me and my care only. They are not running around unfocused and multitasking uncaringly.
— Catie Long
GPT is a great place to go get help with your rehabilitation needs.
— Noel Harrison
We thank you guys for all your hard work! Today I can jog and lift because of you guys!
— Matthew Hamby
Wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else! Staff is amazing, starting with the girls in the front! Everyone treats you with great respect, listen and really care about what is happening with you! They make you part of their family so you look forward to each appointment even when you know you’re probably gonna hurt! When I get done I always miss my visits! They are the VERY BEST!
— Patsy Guettler
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I had a right total knee done and went to therapy at their new building. I had the best care, the people who work there are just awesome. They listen to you and take great pride in their work. I was back to work in 2.5 months and ahead of schedule. Just want to say you have an awesome staff and they take great pride in their patients. Thank you everyone.
— Fritz Eichhorst
Gillette Physical Therapy has a very caring staff and truly know what’s in the best interest of their clients!! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!
— Julie Brisch-Medrano
What a Great place to go and feel Welcome. They are currently working on me and always listen, when something may hurt..they don’t push the issue. They Listen.
— Jennifer M Dursteler
I have used Gillette Physical Therapy for my 2 hips, and 2 knees. I will not go anywhere else for Physical Therapy!! They are the best!!!!!
— Mike Moffitt
Great people to work with that really care about you!!!!
— Debbie Lobach French
Everyone shows genuine concern and addresses my needs.
— George Biglen
I have definitely known GPT for at least 15 plus years and I have never seen a business like theirs. They are excellent, nice, and great in all areas of business. They have helped me in so many ways and so many times.
— Sara Goosetree
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Gillette Physical Therapy is an amazing place with amazing, thoughtful and honest caregivers. I have been seeing them for over three years now. They treat me like a family member. I would not have been able to make it through this recovery and these hurdles without them. I recommend them to everyone. And for all this, I say thank you.
— Owen Kimberling
The staff at Gillette Physical Therapy are far and beyond professional. I have gone to them for over 7 years and always looked forward to my appts. I had gone to another place and the techs had my folder and ask me what they were supposed to do. Seriously! I dealt mostly with Randy and Troy which treated me like a friend. If I had something going on besides medical I could bend their ears and get hugs and encouragement from them. I was always greeted by name and a smile from everyone. I saw nothing but great things from everyone that worked there. Would recommend this place to everyone :) I could drop in just to say hi and always got a hug and everyone seemed always so glad to see me :) keep up the great work you deserve the best!!!!
— Lynn Delcamp
I have been a patient at Gillette Physical Therapy several times over the last several years. I always received great care from their very knowledgeable, helpful, professional, friendly, caring, dependable, enjoyable staff. I would (and have) highly recommend them. Going there is always a positive experience in a very positive atmosphere! Great job Ken and staff!!!
— Judy Barbour Lynde
The very best! Hands down best service and therapist. I couldn’t ask for better place to help me get my shoulder back where I can function correctly again!
— Robert Fogleman
I have never met such caring people in my life! This place is amazing and highly recommended!
— Ashley Brown Salmon
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I could have not found a better place for my rehab. I have used others in town previously. GPT exceeds all my expectations. Others, not so much.
— Glen Hill
GPT is great. You guys know what you’re doing and you are professional and friendly.
— Sandy Wilder
I have never had to have any kind of therapy before. Truthfully, I didn’t think it would be worth the time or the money. Thanks for proving me wrong and getting me back on my feet again.
— Diana Adams