The Value of Athletic Strength

The value of athletic strength! The pursuit of performance begins with the pursuit of strength. The essential qualities of athleticism like speed, power, durability all come from a common denominator known as strength. Lower-body strength, upper-body strength and trunk strength is the solid foundation required to builld upon many athletic qualities. Acceleration or the ability to rapidly increase speed of movement, is caused by applying a large amount of force in the most optimal direction. An example would be when a wide receiver takes off from the line with the aim to get open for a pass, without an appropriate amount of lowerbody strength; the athlete will not be able to apply much force to allow him to accelerate quickly. If a wide receiver is unable to accelerate quickly then the defense is able to cover him more closely and has a much easier time containing him. Same thing goes for soccer, basketball, hockey, and all other sports involving stops and starts or change of direction. Acceleration maximized by a strength foundation is one essential quality needed for optimal performance.

Let Apex Performance be your guide to athletic strength. To develop strength the athlete must provide stress to the body to cause a desired adaptation. The certified coaches at Apex Performance will use their knowledge and skilled experience to guide you on your journey to developing strength and maximizing athletic potential. The use of pre-training assesments will allow the coaches to begin with a better understanding of the specific areas needed for development. If any weak areas are identified, the coaches will design training sessions using age appropriate methods and modalities of resistance, to stress the body and cause the physical adaptations needed.

Harvey Jackson