Ken Clouston has had a great deal of experience in physical therapy. First, he worked in Bismarck, ND. Then upon getting married to Chris, he set up the outpatient PT clinic for the hospital at Club Energize. From 1993-2005 he worked in the roles of Outpatient Clinical Supervisor, followed by the role of Rehab Manager for the hospital. In 2005, Clouston finished his Doctoral degree and started the prospering and expanding business that is Gillette Physical Therapy. Not only does Ken love the challenge and comprehensive experience of owning his own clinic, he also loves that he gets to be a part of providing an environment that physical therapists and their patients can flourish in. While enjoying the ownership aspects of his job, Ken has and continues to pursue his career in physical therapy for the chance to get to know patients as he helps them regain health and the ability to pursue their passions. Clouston's job allows him to feel constantly rewarded as he cares for clients, watches the staff and business grow, and is able to give back to the community.

Clouston is an exceptional physical therapist due to the many positive attributes he possesses. However, one particular reason rises above the rest: his ability to care. Ken Clouston is genuinely invested in each one of his patients and in their results. He is proud of what he does and consistently takes opportunities to go above and beyond the typical standard of therapy. Ken’s success is also partly generated by his outstanding credentials. Not only has he served as both the president and vice president of the Wyoming Physical Therapy Association, he also serves as a key contact for the private practice section of the association, is a level 2 medical provider for Titleist Performance Institute, completed in 2003 his oral, written, and practical exams in Sports Medicine with NASMI , and once a year visits Washington D.C. and lobbies for physical therapy efforts. 

As long as you’re serving other people, you’re serving God, which is rewarding in itself.

Ken Clouston lives by a motto that is based upon his own mother’s advice: “As long as you’re serving other people, you’re serving God, which is rewarding in itself.” This is blatantly reflected in the effort Ken puts forth into his work and into serving the Gillette community both through his business as a whole and on his own personal time. Clouston serves as a School Board Trustee, has coached numerous youth sports teams, and is continuously working to involve GPT through sponsorship of various city events such as the Fourth of July Run. 

Though he dedicates a great deal of labor and time to make Gillette Physical Therapy the thriving business it is, Ken enjoys activities such as pheasant hunting, archery hunting, traveling, and spending time with his son and wife. Clouston is an avid golfer with 3 certifications through Titleist Performance Institute. He equally loves other sports as is shown through his coaching of youth baseball for 14 years and traveling basketball for 5 years. 

Education: Doctorate, Physical Therapy, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks; Bachelor's, Physical Therapy, University of North Dakota

Continuing Education: Over 700 hours including sports injury treatment, orthopedic extremity injury treatment, post-surgical rehabilitation, shoulder and knee injuries, athletic strengthening

Certifications: Sports Medicine Certification, Functional Capacity Evaluation Certification, Dry Needling certification, Myofascial decompression Level 2, Titleist Performance Institute medical provider Level 2

Membership: American Physical Therapy Association, Wyoming Physical Therapy Association, North American Sports Medicine Institute