Joey Burckhard recently joined the Gillette Physical Therapy team, but wasn’t always planning on being a physical therapist. Joey started off college with the idea of majoring in mathematics. After he began losing interest in that field, Burckhard switched to pursue a degree in physical therapy with a minor in psychology and thus truly discovered his passion. Post-college, Joey’s search for jobs brought him to Gillette, and specifically to Gillette Physical Therapy. Here he immediately clicked with the other therapists and gained an immediate appreciation for their intentionality in forming connections, generating a comfortable environment, and helping fellow co-workers grow.

Burckhard strives to follow his personal rule of focusing on one small thing each day in order to better himself.

Currently at the clinic, Joey is doing evaluations, seeing a small number of patients, and ultimately learning a lot; his favorite part about his job is helping people regain their independence. In the future, Burckhard hopes to continue his education, branch out into manual therapies, and possibly dive further into the area of geriatrics. Both presently and in coming years, Joey is prepared and excited to learn, soaking in knowledge wherever and whenever he can. His ability to listen to constructive criticism and adapt accordingly push him to be a successful and growing therapist.

When Joey Burckhard is not assisting people in improving their health, he can be found playing music. His love for the viola was sparked when Joey was just 8 years old and heard a man playing the Star Wars theme on this particular instrument. As he gets to know the community of Gillette better, Joey is considering joining a local ensemble. Beyond the viola and physical therapy, Burckhard enjoys being active through hobbies such as running, as well as simply enjoying the company of friends on the back porch around a fire.