Joanna Fletcher loves to watch her clients succeed as they gain health and begin to feel good again. Her passion for caring for others led her to become an athletic trainer, a position she has held for 12 years after graduating with her degree in 2007, and ultimately to joining the team at Gillette Physical Therapy. While she is a nationally licensed athletic trainer, Joanna also holds state licensure in both Texas and Wyoming, and is myofascial decompression (a form of cup therapy) and ITEM (a form of tissue therapy) certified. Fletcher has additionally amplified her abilities by being IMPACT certified. This particular authentication enables her to stay up-to-date on the latest research and protocols regarding concussions, as well as keeps her knowledge base beyond that of the general public so that she can better assist injured athletes with her advanced techniques.

Experience on the field is a crucial aspect in creating a successful athletic trainer, and Joanna Fletcher is beyond well-seasoned across a variety of areas. Not only has she done work in the clinical setting, she has also provided services in the college and high school setting and in the form of athletic outreach. This diversified set of work environments provides insight so that Joanna is able to base her treatment on her extreme depth of knowledge and training, and on her instinct. Fletcher’s success also stems from a combination of her desire to stay on top of the most recent rehab and treatment tools and her ability to have empathy for the athletes she works with.

While Joanna’s job keeps her consistently busy, much of her work is not focused within the walls of the GPT facility. Fletcher is constantly out and about in the community doing outreach training services at public events such as the “Remember the 8” race and all types of sports: softball, soccer, baseball, and more. When she is working at the Gillette Physical Therapy building, Joanna loves being around the family-oriented, supportive staff. One of her favorite parts of being an employee of GPT is the environment; she enjoys that her job surrounds her with fellow team-mates that are always willing to provide advice and friendship, making the career-life they are all involved in fun and gratifying.

Her outstanding nature is encouraged by her optimism...

Outside of being a talented athletic trainer and vital member of the Gillette community, Joanna tends to her deep fondness of traveling and seeing different parts of the country and of the world. Fletcher is also a proud mom of three little boys. More than anything, she loves being able to watch her sons grow and cherishes family time spent with her husband, children and parents. Whether on or off the job, Joanna Fletcher is admirable in all areas of life. Her outstanding nature is encouraged by her optimism, her viewpoint that everything is a learning experience, and finally her never-ceasing attempts to find the good in all people and situations. 

Degree:  Masters of Kinesiology, Bachelors of Athletic Training

Education:  Masters of Kinesiology University of Texas Pan American Edinburg, Texas, Bachelors in Athletic Training University of Mary Bismarck, North Dakota 

Continuing Education: National Athletic Training Symposium, Wyoming State Annul Meeting

Certifications: Board Certified Athletic Trainer, Texas and Wyoming Licensed Athletic Trainer American Heart Association BLS instructor

Membership: National Athletic Trainers Association, Rocky Mountain Athletic Trainers Association, Southwest Athletic Trainers Association,  Texas State Athletic Trainers Association, Wyoming Athletic Trainers Association