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I was born and raised in Northeastern Wyoming and moved to Bismarck, North Dakota where I received my Bachelors in Athletic Training at the University of Mary. I moved to East Texas where I worked as an Outreach Athletic Trainer in the high school setting as I completed my Masters in Kinesiology from the University of Pan American. I moved to Southeast Texas after graduate school and worked for two different school districts as an Athletic Trainer. In the schools I would evaluate injuries, provide rehabilitation for injured athletes, and direct them to a physician that would provide the athlete with best care for their type of injury. I worked hand in hand with our team physicians and any other physicians that treated our athletes. Since moving back to Gillette I provide athletic training services to Gillette College, Campbell County High School South Campus, football game coverage at Moorcroft, and the Roughriders. I have started an Athletic Resilience Program can help reduce the risk of sustaining a serious lower extremity injury. Through Strengthening the core and lower extremity, learn safe jumping and landing techniques through plyometrics, and proper techniques with cutting, pivoting, and direction Agility and Balance. 

Degree:  Masters of Kinesiology, Bachelors of Athletic Training

Education:  Masters of Kinesiology University of Texas Pan American Edinburg, Texas, Bachelors in Athletic Training University of Mary Bismarck, North Dakota 

Continuing Education: National Athletic Training Symposium, Wyoming State Annul Meeting

Certifications: Board Certified Athletic Trainer, Texas and Wyoming Licensed Athletic Trainer American Heart Association BLS instructor

Membership: National Athletic Trainers Association, Rocky Mountain Athletic Trainers Association, Southwest Athletic Trainers Association,  Texas State Athletic Trainers Association, Wyoming Athletic Trainers Association