Jason Stirling graduated from Des Moines University in Iowa with a Masters degree in physical therapy. Since then he has worked to expand his knowledge base in more advanced treatment techniques and has ceaselessly strived to make his services better for the patients he treats. Stirling’s career guided him to Gillette Physical Therapy, and after observing their atmosphere that made people want to come to therapy he decided to join their team. He was drawn not only to the fact that the staff works together towards the same goals, but also that they have fun while doing it.

I love working with people on a daily basis, and helping people push themselves to achieve their goals.

Aside from being an exceptional physical therapist, Stirling has achieved additional credentials such as being certified to perform functional job descriptions and functional job analysis. He is also currently working on becoming a certified MDT (mechanical diagnosis and treatment). Jason is clearly an accomplished individual, but his real success as a therapist comes from his ability to individualize treatments based on the patient. He sees a wide range of people on a daily basis, and being able to get to know each person and modify his techniques to be of best service is a skill that pushes him from good to great. In all that he does, Jason cares for others as he would want his own family to be cared for and loves witnessing improvements as his patients return to their desired activities.

While much of his time is dedicated to Gillette Physical Therapy, Stirling remains highly active in the community and within his own family. He is often chasing around his three very vibrant children, getting them to and from their various activities. Yet, Jason is still able to devote energy to being a lively participant in his church and to coaching numerous youth sports like basketball and football. Stirling loves to golf when he gets the chance, but it’s safe to say he is overall a busy man.

Education: Master's, Physical Therapy, Des Moines University, Des Moines, Iowa; Bachelor's, Biology, Augustana College, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Continuing Education: Manual Therapy Techniques for spinal and extremity mobilization and manipulation, wound care, McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy - Parts A and B, sports injury treatment, orthopedic extremity injury treatment, post-surgical rehabilitation, shoulder and knee injuries

Certifications: Functional Capacity Evaluation Certification

Membership: American Physical Therapy Association, Wyoming Physical Therapy Association