Brooke Austin started as a tech at Gillette Physical Therapy during her senior year of high school. After observing the fantastic physical therapist assistants on staff and experiencing the encouragement and mentoring of her talented coworkers, Brooke decided to pursue a career as a PTA. She chose a program in Cheyenne, Wyoming and began chasing down her dream. The GPT team was there for Austin, helping her learn and grow before she even knew her plans for a future job. Those at the clinic continue to teach and invest in Brooke, making it clear that Gillette Physical Therapy is a perfect fit for her.

No matter what she is doing, Brooke Austin strives to keep improving and never stand still.

Austin has undergone a great deal of mentoring and training. This preparation, taking place in the midst of many different scenarios, has given her the necessary tools for being a successful therapist. Brooke thrives in her position because she is a people person and an extremely effective communicator. Day in and day out, Austin loves that her job enables her to be surrounded by helpful and caring coworkers. As she continues her work at GPT, Brooke hopes to seize any upcoming opportunities to gain further credentials and specialities.

Brooke Austin is as involved outside of the clinic as she is within it. One way she remains active is through her participation in Crossfit. Someday, Brooke hopes to become a certified Crossfit trainer. To stay connected with the community, Austin attends various community events and is passionate about sharing all that Gillette Physical Therapy has to offer with the people of this town. Although she is kept busy with Crossfit, work, and her community involvement, Brooke prioritizes spending time with her mom, dad, sister, and friends.