Amanda Hart was born and raised in Gillette. Although she has worked for several different physical therapy clinics, Hart never sensed that any of them were the right fit. Before she was hired at Gillette Physical Therapy, Amanda spent an afternoon with the staff. During this time she witnessed an environment that was more organized than any she had ever experienced, as well as filled with individuals that were accommodating, helpful, and friendly. When she started on with Gillette Physical Therapy, she immediately felt cared for and at home, and refers to the staff as being “like a family.” The team at GPT helped Amanda continue her education and, after being a technician for 9 years, she became a Physical Therapist Assistant.

Amanda Hart works relentlessly to help clients recover.

Amanda lives by the motto of treating others how you want to be treated by having empathy and demonstrating a deep care for others. This way of life explains, in part, the success that Hart has a PTA. Because she has been through the process of physical therapy from the perspective of a patient, Amanda is now able to empathize with those she is treating. Her success also stems from the fact that she is a quick learner and easily adjusts to new situations and expectations. While she appreciates many aspects of her job, Amanda loves most that she is able to witness and be apart of a patient’s progression towards overall improved health.

Assisting patients in healing is hugely important to Amanda Hart; however, her family is her number one priority. Amanda recently took on the new role of wife, as she was married in July of 2018 to her husband who currently works as a powerlineman. Hart does not have children of her own, but treasures that her parents and sisters live in Gillette as it allows her to spend frequent time with them and her beloved nieces and nephews. When she is not working at Gillette Physical Therapy, Amanda is finding opportunities to get involved in the community, such as by helping out with Oktoberfest. She also loves hiking, fishing, hunting, taking her dogs out, and spending quality time with her husband.